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The ultimate act of love is to provide a secure
financial future for those you leave behind.

It’s equally important to appoint the right professional team to administer your estate
during what will be a difficult time. At Mella Fiduciary, our specific focus is on:
Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Trust Administration.

This sharp focus means we are always up-to-date with industry changes in order to make the most
of opportunities and avoid pitfalls. Financial Planners, Wealth Managers and Accountants outsource
their clients’ administrative requirements to us, knowing they will get an efficient, tax-friendly and professional service.

About Us

‘Fiduciary’ comes from the Latin ‘fiducia’,
meaning ‘confidence, trust, or reliance’.

A fiduciary relationship exists when someone is entrusted with something to give to someone else. Fiduciary literally means looking after something on behalf of someone else.

At Mella Fiduciary we look after our clients’ estates so that they can be passed on in the
best possible way – without delays, misunderstanding or unnecessary taxes. Recognising that clients come to us at a difficult time, we pride ourselves on providing prompt, efficient and compassionate service. It’s our job to make the process as smooth as possible.


Estate Planning

We create personalised estate plans that transfer intergenerational wealth in a tax efficient and seamless manner. We ensure that your Will dove tails with your Trust deed.


We draft Wills that form the framework for the implementation of your wishes in the event of your death, avoiding pitfalls that delay the wounding up.

Trust Administrations

We create new Trusts, perform health checks on existing Trust Deeds and administer existing Trust, all of which are important consideration to a well-executed Estate plan.

Deceased Estate Administration

We assist families at the death of their loved one by professionally, efficiently and compassionately winding up the deceased estate, a complex administrative process.